Here are some help files and workshop handouts that I have created

Some I wrote several years ago and might be alittle out of date.


Computer Help
 MSCONFIG   Wired or wireless article  Slow Computer
 CD Burner Instructions  How to use Explorer to find and move files  Good FREE programs
 Power Director Tips    

Photography Help
 History off Stereo Photography  How you can create stereo   Power Director tips
 Stereo Slide Show instructions  3-D TITLE SLIDES MADE EASY   Using 2 cameras
 Photoshop Anaglyphs and cards  Creating Phantograms  

Stereo Photo Maker
 Installing  Cloning  Ghosting
 Cropping  Anaglyph  Cards
 Overlaps and masks  Color Adjust  Adjusting

Magazine Articles
 3D Tiles Creating Phantagrams magazine article

Workshop Handouts
 How to make Phantograms  Gimp Instructions for StereoPhoto Maker
 2D to 3D Conversions   2D to 3D info Depth Map Method 2D to 3D
 PSA 2015 Computer Technology    

Misc Help
 Music Chords  Good Free programs  SalonViewer setup instructions
 Music Chord Chart  Alt Keyboard characters   All About Arizona
Weather Spotters guide  DIVI lesson WORKSHEET
 SCW Website Instructions  SCW Divi instruction videos pdf  Divi written documentation from a Fullerton College a pdf