Page 1    Betty Bop, Maple Leaf Wall Hanging, Penn. Dutch Sign,   Page 2  Lawn Ornament  Our Wedding picture, Winnie the Pooh, Dennis the Menace,
Page 3  Lawn Ornament Dwarfs   Page 4  Lawn Ornament  Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Dwarf,
Page 5  Lawn Ornament  Alice, Bugs, Dagwood and Blondie   Page 6  Lawn Ornament   Jetsons,
Page 7  Lawn Ornament Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Dog Patch, Marilyn Monroe    Page 8  Lawn Ornament  Flintstones
 Page 9  Lawn Ornament Pluto, Strawberry Shortcake, Huckyberry Hound,    Page 10  Lawn Ornament  Lepracon, Shreck, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Porky Pig,
 Page 11  Lawn Ornament  Raggady Ann and Andy, Mini House, Horses    Page 12  Lawn Ornament   Archie and Friends
 Page 13  Lawn Ornament  57 Chevy, Little Mermaid, Owl, Madiline    Page 14  Lawn Ornament  Mighty Mouse, Superman, Batman, Robin
 Page 15  Fret Work  Picture Frame, Man in the Mood wall hanging, Clock    Page 16  Fret Work  Cat, Lilly of the Valley, Dragon
 Page 17  Fret Work  Arizonia 3D box, West 3D box, Light switch,    Page 18  Fret Work Eye Glass Shelf, Family with Bird
 Page 19  Fret Work  Portraits, Horse and carriage, Christmas Tree    Page 20  Fret Work  Shalom 1 and 2, Coins
 Page 21   Fret Work  Forest scene, Bird Circle, Window or Tree Ornaments    Page 22  Stained Glass  Sailboat
 Page 23   Fret Work  Thanksgiving centerpiece, Mobile, Deer    Page 24  Lawn Ornament  Rabbit, Pebbles/Bam Bam, Nephews, Jimmy Cricket
 Page 25  Lawn Ornament  Smokey the Bear, Wood puppet, Bear, Popeye    Page 26  Lawn Ornament  Cat/Mouse, Tiger, Dog, Princess, Art Deco
 Page 27  Lawn Ornament  Big Boy, Indian Princess, Woodsy Owl, Poindexter and Professor    Page 28  Lawn Ornament  Ches.Cat, Charlie Tuna, Elf, Wizzard
 Page 29

 Lawn Ornament

Fret Work

 Snoopy, Bud Vases    Page 30  Fret Work  Cat, Kokopelli, Ballet figures
 Page 31  Fret Work  Dog, Cat, Griaffe, Giselle and other figures    Page 32  Fret Work  Minature cart, Speaker stand, Horses running
 Page 33  Fret Work  Kitchen Wall display, Jazz    Page 34  Fret Work  Carousel, Paintings, Hand Saw
 Page 35   Fret Work   Christining sign, Japanese symbols    Page 36  Fret Work  World Map, Christmas Tree, Napkin Holder
 Page 37  Toys  Number Puzzle, Baby, Alphabet Puzzle    Page 38   Fret Work  Clock, Flowers, Hearts, Chicago Skyline
  Page 39 Puzzles  Wooden Puzzles -- Owls in Tree, Bears in Tree, Horse and Cat     Page 40 Puzzles Wooden Puzzles -- Fish, Pelican, Parrot
 Page 41 Puzzles  Wooden Puzzles -- Castle, USA, Wooden Knot    Page 42  Toys  Puppets
 Page 43  Cabinet  Castle Cabinet    Page 44  Cabinet  Two draw cabinet -- Star of David
Page 45  Baskets  Candy dish baskets and basket with lid    Page 46  Stands  Ipod Iphone stand, reindeer and bowls
         Page 47  Fret Work  Dreamcatcher, blackboard Cat, Saying

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