Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado


The Rocky Mountain National Park Catch the glint of Rocky's many facets: the brief morning alpenglow on a peak, a glimpse of a wary wild creature in the brush, the sun sparkling in a stream, the glory of a mountain sunset, the solitude of a trail less traveled, the splendor of the starscape free of man-made light, the exhilaration of looking over the clouds, the uplift of birdsong from the branches, the haunting night music of howling coyotes and bugling elk.

Ancient upheavals, volcanic eruptions and glacial scouring cut and carved great diversity and incredible beauty into this multi-faceted gem, Rocky Mountain National Park, fittingly set midst Roosevelt and Arapaho National Forests and Colorado State Forest.

The altitude from 7,500 to 14,259 feet slices through montane, sub-alpine and alpine zones. TheTrail Ridge Road takes you to the Arctic Circle ecologically; yet you're only 2 hours from Denver.

The Continental Divide splits the Park into east and west sides. Rocky is open and accessible year-round, 24 x 7, but winter snow closes Trail Ridge Road (Hwy 34) over the Divide.

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