Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico has been described as "take a high-desert plateau with crystalline air at the foot of snowcapped peaks; layer in almost 400 years of Spanish, Mexican, and Native American influences; and sprinkle on as odd assortment of artists, writers, health nuts, and modern urban refugees, and you get Santa Fe, America's most un-American city." Sante Fe is beautiful, restful and fun. There are many galleries with museum quality paintings and bronze works. All of the building and homes look like adobe structures. These structures give the entire area a nice look and are very practical, holding in the cool air. We stayed at the Hotel Loretto which is modeled like a large pueblo. The Santa Fe opera is an outdoor opera (with a large roof). The setting in the foothills is beautiful. Electronic screen in front of every seat translates the opera. There is a sightseeing train the is about a 3 hour ride through the desert. A short ride north of Santa Fe is the Taos Pueblo which I have on a separate page.


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