MSAS Observatory, Lake Arrowhead CA

Mountain Skies Astronomical Society Village (MSAS) is perfectly situated at the top of a hill and provides "big-sky" views unhindered by tall trees or the glow of city lights. View night sky objects through telescopes and binoculars assisted by MSAS personnel. Complete the evening with a visit to the beautiful Robert Brownlee Observatory for a closer look at deep sky objects through the brand new MSAS 16" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. MSAS offers a year 'round schedule of public programs and events. Private groups of ten or more can be scheduled in advance with a topic of your choice. There is also a member library with books, videos, periodical, teacher resources, microscopes, binoculars and telescopes available on loan.
The MSAS Astronomy Village is located off State Hwy 18, just west of Rim of the World High School and about 10 minutes from the Resort. For further information, call (909) 336-1699. For Star Gazer's 24-hour Sky and Event Report, call (909) 336-1299. You can also visit their website at MSAS is a non-profit, public benefit corporation and is supported by donations from the private sector.

The observatory is only a few minutes from Lake Arrowhead resort. We watched a beautiful sunset, had an informative lecture and then saw the moon through lens of the telescope.

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